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Meaning of eutanasia

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It means "well to die", it is a pious death provoked to avoid suffering in terminal illnesses. Interpretation has a very wide margin, as it is used as a "comfortable and compassionate care in the last moments of agony", and even as a "right to voluntary suicide". It consists of the Greek voices 949; 965; ( eu , "good" ) 952; 945; 957; 945; 964; 959; 962; ( thánatos , "death" ) .


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Euthanasia: There are two types of euthanasia, direct euthanasia is that moving forward the process of the death of a person who has an incurable disease. The second type of euthanasia is the indirect call, which is to alleviate the pain and suffering of the person and so are supplied a number of medications that can cause the death of the sick as unintended consequence.


What is the meaning of eutanasia in the Spanish open dictionary

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