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Meaning of entongar

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Tongar, tonguear, entongar are all variants generated by popular use, and have a diffuse source. The word "entongado" ("part of a hoax or scam") is heard much more, and the first recognizable form appears in a medieval game of betting with tokens or coins in what is now Spanish territory, where already a tongo was a "stack of objects". In the case that concerns us, it would be the toco of tokens or coins, which gives the name to the game. But over time appears a germania for making trap, that is no longer a "tongo" but a person thong, an "accomplice" that helps to win any of the bettors. . . or to the House. The term survives until today in the Río de la Plata slang, where a "thong" is the helper of a "punguista" ("descuidista thief"), or an employee who pretends that it wins in casinos and organise to encourage true gamblers. "Tongo", to be forgotten the original stance, ended as a synonym for fraud. Especially in games or sports, where extended to bribery to force a result. Entongar is to make a compromise, joined to a deception or fraud; or simply, and according to its oldest sense, make a pile of something.


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It means arrange, organize, stack. It is the action of doing something in order and with care, to go encarrando or stacking something.


What is the meaning of entongar in the Spanish open dictionary

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