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Meaning of enana

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Dwarf (from lat. "nanus", of the gr. "nanos") 1 adj. and n. Applies to a person of abnormally small stature. Ateliosis, dwarfism. adj. Applied to a living being of small size with respect to others of their class or kind: "A dwarf tree". Hiperbolicamente, very small: "lives in a dwarf House. This bag is dwarf". 2 n. Often applied as affectionate insult to children. 3 be fantastic figure of very small man, very often those in stories. Duende, Genie, genius, GNOME, Lilliputian, tocio, nano, tozo, Goblin. As a dwarf (inf. ) . With verbs like "work, have fun, enjoy, laugh," etc. much: "Enjoyed in the circus as a dwarf".

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