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Meaning of durillo

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It's a last name. It is also a diminutive of hard, which was an ancient coin. It is also called durillo to several species of plants, used to make seeds. I know they call the plant Amelanchier ovalis, which is from the Rosaceae family and has medicinal uses (curnia, corruñé, griñolera); also to the Viburnum tinus of the family Adoxaceae, which is also for medicinal uses ( Laurel of Alexandria, Sanguillo, orillera); cornus sanguinea, from the cornaceae family, also called cornejo, sanguiño or sanguino.


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Durillo : Doblilla , ancient gold coin.



durillo-refers to the expression : shrub of the cornaceae family, very bouquet and extremely hard wood, of white flowers and fruits in drupe, which grows among the bushes-


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