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Meaning of doxing

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It is a practice that in principle would be journalistic, but with the use of the internet and social networks it took on a new meaning. Doxing is the "public exhibition of other people's documents without the authorization of their owners". It is common among hackers who try to unmask shady and illegal businesses of companies or governments and also of crackers who capture valuable documents with ransomware and expose them if the victim does not pay a ransom, and now it also extends to social media users who show conversations or images received as private, and end up harming someone. The word is made up of dox, which is a popular variant of docs, which in turn is an abbreviation for documents, and the suffix -ing ("result or product of a verbal action").


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It is not Spanish but English, among us already circulates the Spanglish doxear, which is more like the romantic hacking to divulge dirty secrets of multinationals or State, or the extortionate use of ransomware by not paying ransom. . . than sexual harassment. See english/doxing .


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Doxxing is also used. It is a term used in Computer Science and consists of revealing identifying information of a person online, such as their real name, their home address, identification number, mobile number or company where they work, among other data. In Computer Science it can be considered as a malicious action and is widely used by Hackers.


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What is the meaning of doxing in the Spanish open dictionary

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