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Meaning of dorado

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1st_ Teleostero fish acantopterigio , edible . 2nd_ Gold color, gold coated. 3o_ Participle of the verb dorar .


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It means it shines like gold. Gold color. In Colombia it is also a surname of Spanish origin. Last name of Spanish actors (Alejandro and Sergio). Last name of a great Colombian actor named Humberto Dorado Miranda. It is synonymous with golden, gleaming, bright, radiant or veneer. It can also be a sea fish, also known as lily, llampuga, lampuga, yampúa, gil-dolphin, parakeet or sandalium ( Coryphaena hippurus, of the family Coryphaenidae). So is an aquarium fish of the family Ciprinidae ( Carassius auratus auratus ).



gold-refers to the expression : acantoptergio marine fish, perciform, distributed in the oceans of the whole world, with a laterally compressed body, almost straight loin, green with orange spots, and by the belly, silver and its flesh is edible-


What is the meaning of dorado in the Spanish open dictionary

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