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Meaning of domingo

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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


Name of the seventh and final day of the week. Rest day in the week. Name of male of Latin origin and means that it belongs to God. Variants in French Dominique or Dominic . In an apocopized and familiar way we call it Mincho.


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Day of the week dedicated to rest in Christian culture, where it is the first and not the seventh, dedicated to the Lord, his God. In fact, the original Latin name Solis dies ("Day of the Sun") was replaced as a tribute to Jesus' Resurrection Day by Dominicus dies ("Lord's Day") from where he derived the Spanish 'Sunday'. Like many religious names, it also became a proper name like Domingo and Dominga.


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Margarito Cázares Guerrero

Seventh day of the week


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Margarito Cázares Guerrero

Second name of an Argentine politician who lived during the last century


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Margarito Cázares Guerrero

Male proper name


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V.M. Hjor Ku Xoans

Sunday: from Domo = House e Ingeos = eat, enter, enter; stay at home for dinner and sleep. Latin term to define in its etymology, we could translate to the Jewish sabbath, which means day of rest.


What is the meaning of domingo in the Spanish open dictionary

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