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Meaning of coricancha

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CORICANCHA: Yard or fencing gold.


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Rolando Escudero Vidal

But, possibly, none of these phrases ghor-ri ghech-hua, or ghor-rij ghech-hua originates the name of Coricancha, but the phrase Kech-hua ghor-ri-can-cha that means will be gathering. Phrase repeated many times has become name. This has happened with names of many towns or regions. Paita, Moquegua, Ancash, Cahuachi, etc. And why the phrase kech-hua ghor-ri-can-cha can be repeated many times? To find a possible motive is necessary to go back to a long time ago. Perhaps many thousands of years ago. Or, perhaps, millions of years. When will people in the South be coming to the area of Cuzco. The saw has a feature that helps vision. In this area you can see things at greater distance than on the coast. People can distinguish up to five or six kilometers away. This is what happened when people in the South was coming to the area of Cuzco. Then the people living in the vicinity of the Cuzco area were repeating ghor-ri-can-cha or ghor-ri-ca-yan-cha, phrases that have become Coricancha. Kech-huas sentences mean they must be flocking or surely they are gathering. The cave paintings of pre-Inca origin found in Machu Picchu, support this idea. These facts can explain many myths about Cuzco.


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Rolando Escudero Vidal

Coricancha is a construction in the city of Cuzco. Construction of the time of the Incas. And what Coricancha? They say it means Golden Temple because it is derived from the phrase Carolinaa ghor-ri ghech-hua which means siege of gold, as ghor-ri means gold, and ghech-hua means siege. But, possibly Carolinaa phrase which originates the name isn't ghor-ri ghech-hua, but ghor-rij ghech-hua which means siege collecting, because ghor-rij means that collects which brings together. This means that the fence was a place of meetings. I.e. Coricancha means place of meetings


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coricancha significado

It means Golden Temple


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