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Meaning of collera

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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


Part of a rig that is placed in the neck of the beast to distribute the weight of the load, with the shoulders. Necklace. Relative to the neck. That is, or is put on the neck. Twin shirt or sobrecuello. It is also a type of chain that imposed several prisoners joined together and had a ring to the neck of each of them. Leather rig for joining a team by the neck.


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Felipe Lorenzo del Río

Latin collum, neck. Rig a collar of straw or deletes, sheathed in leather or canvas, which was put to the horses neck so that will not damage by pulling the different farming in area perfectly.


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COLLAR: In Hinojosa de Duero, municipality of Salamanca, amount of bread making with a bushel of wheat.


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Group of friends


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Group of friends in peru


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