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Meaning of chilindrina

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Eduardo Pardo (Lima, Perú)


>, beer. Example: "a few chilindrina well helena s..." Synonyms: Lelas well lalas nbsp; Chela nbsp; Beer


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Juan José O. G. (Poza Rica De Hgo., Ver., Méx

It is a sweet bread made from flour of wheat, sugar, yeast, egg and cinnamon; decorated with dry sugar balls. Example: "Breakfast coffee with chilindrina, shells and horns." Synonyms: Sweet bread nbsp; Bun


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Minoku (Lima)

Women of the easy life (prostitute) Example: "Magaly is a chilindrina." Synonyms: Whore nbsp; Prostitute nbsp; Bitch


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

chilindrina is incorrectly written and should be written as "Chilindrina ( is 41 name;." being its meaning:
Chilindrina is a character from the comedy of the Guy from the eight, starring María Antonieta de las Nieves. Freckled and sweet bread for the pints of cinnamon and brown sugar.


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Chilindrina: In Mexico, sweet, soft, fluff and brown bread of course, of circular form with mass of colour crusts clear on its surface on which there is sugar in fat beads.


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John Lape . 480-800-7566

This is A wheat snack flat Type like bread but like Cheetos fluffy ,light texture I've had this topped with Queso cheesse spread on top lared with shreaded cabbage and Some hot sauce at a open air market thanks I'm American enjoying Spanish,Mexican foods as a Chef thanks


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mockery, disappointment, joke


What is the meaning of chilindrina in the Spanish open dictionary

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