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Meaning of caudal

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(Of thelat.)(capitalis, capital).

1. adj. plentiful (? of plenty of water).

2. adj. ant. main (? which is the first in importance).

3. d. amount of water that mana or runs.

4. m. Hacienda, property of any kind, and more commonly money.

5. m. abundance of things other than money or finance.

6. m. Fís. Amount of a liquid or a gas flowing at a particular place per unit time.

7. m. ant. Capital or Fund.

flow relict.

1. m. Der. goods relicts.

do flow of someone or something.

1. loc. verb. p us. Have it in appreciation and estimation, making much of this case. Is the best people that has the King and that má

caudal s ago.

? V.

Eagle flow

box of flowes


(Dellat.tail (cauda).

1. adj. belonger or relative to the queue.

? V.

fin flow

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