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Meaning of bollo

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1. When one kneaded flour with other ingredients (eggs milk, etc) ends up forming a bun. 2. a blow with one hand to another person, also called pineapple 3. also it uses it to describe the damage that remains after a coup (in a car, etc.) Example: "1. I've finished making the bun for the pizza. 2 I will give as many buns, until it bobo "3. This bun will stay to the car after the crash I had the other day" Synonyms: Mass nbsp; Coup nbsp; Dent


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1St bun of water: water of sabor(piña, fresa, limon,etc) frozen in a small plastic bag. 2Nd milk bun: obviously it is made from milk, such as a smoothie, either strawberry, banana, mango, chocolate, etc. Example: "" Bring whim of a bun of Strawberry" "It gives me a chocolate bun, please" " Synonyms: Bolis nbsp; Bolus


Jacinto (Estocolmo, Suiza) Image
Jacinto (Estocolmo, Suiza)

Besides being the name of a bun, a sweet, or a special spicy corn balls that are cooked as a stew, so is called external genital of woman. Example: "With that dress so short no I leave out. You not can walk out there teaching him the bun to the whole world." Synonyms: CRIC nbsp; Woodcock nbsp; Vulva nbsp; Thing , nbsp; Papaya nbsp; DOE nbsp; Raja nbsp; Cod


Pedro Jota (Barcelona, España) Image
Pedro Jota (Barcelona, España)

Derogatory female homosexual. Example: "esa chica es bun" Synonyms: Hesprecióoooon nbsp; Tortilla nbsp; Tomboy


Matt King (Yay Area, Estados Unidos) Image
Matt King (Yay Area, Estados Unidos)

The sexual organ of a woman Synonyms: Fruit pump nbsp; Cone nbsp; Vagina


Gustavo P (Bogota, Colombia) Image
Gustavo P (Bogota, Colombia)

Colombia also called bun to defecation or feces of people or animals Example: "care pisas that dog bun!"


Anónimo (Santa Cruz, Bolivia) Image
Anónimo (Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

It is a synonym of pretty, fed up. Used when we refer a lot of something defined. Example: ' In the House I have a clothes pa bun ' gift. " Synonyms: Lot nbsp; Tired nbsp; Pretty nbsp; Antonyms: Little nbsp; Nothing


Lito (Montevideo, Uruguay) Image
Lito (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Easy Example: "The exam was a bun, not be so me rompi studying" Antonyms: Difficult


Patricia Warhol (Alicante, España) Image
Patricia Warhol (Alicante, España)

Lesbian... bun or hesprecióoooon Example: "marta is bun is dating with julia" Synonyms: Homosexual nbsp; Antonyms: Heterosexual


Anonimo (Venezuela) Image
Anonimo (Venezuela)

Mass of corn flour kneaded shaped cylindrical and cooked in boiled water. Said is also from the vagina as seen from a certain angle. Example: "Tremendo bun the that jeva, corduroy..."


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José Piedra

reproductive organ of the female Example: "Mary was the bun" Synonyms: Vagina nbsp; Cuca


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Person (man or woman) attractive Example: "It's a bun that so pretty old." Synonyms: Good nbsp; Mamasota nbsp; Handsome nbsp; Guapa nbsp; Antonyms: Fea nbsp; Bofe nbsp; Catfish nbsp; Babilla


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez Image
Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

In Colombia is a jumble of cassava. It is also used to say that it is beautiful. Fecal sample.


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In Spain, bollo is the piece of pastry that in Argentina called invoice. See: Bill.


What is the meaning of bollo in the Spanish open dictionary

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