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Meaning of bachtiano

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Surely it is an error by Bachian (" relative to a musician of the Bach family" ). It's not an entry that seemed relevant to me and I was going to let it go , but I was surprised by John's definition and much more that the dictionary boo-hunting bot found that text; so I looked for it . For a change, it's in a commercial brochure (plus espam free. . . ! ) promoting a packaging machine with a programmable control for its "batch processing system" , which in English is known as batch processing. Sip , by an error of the translator is set as 10060;bacht , and bachtiano will then be a consequential interpretation . Guess.


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BACHTIANO related to the production control system that seeks to achieve maximum precision and constancy, as well as maximum quality in industrial processes, very common in food and beverage industries, but used in a wide range of processes, such as lighting.


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