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Meaning of ay ombe

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ay ombe

Panamanian expression used by the man in the field to denote nostalgia, compassion, joy, and a series of feelings more. Example: ' Ay ombe my grandson pa was the city / Viva Panama... "Ay Ombe!" Synonyms: Name


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Alexis David

Oh, man.


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My Honduran friends say it's an interjection similar to "Oh, Gosh".... just a verbal expression of emotion.


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Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

It should be noted that the expression " ay ombe! " It was internationalized by the salsa singer Gilberto Santa Rosa, in the song déjate Querer: " leave you wanting, déjate querer, ombe ay! ".


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Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz.

Ay ombe! : Expression that denotes joy, enthusiasm and admiration, widely used in the Costa Caribbean Colombian, especially by the singers of the vallenato genre, who sometimes use it to accompany the greetings, very frequent in this musical genre. The expression " ay ombe " It is so popular that even the same Jorge Celedón didn't hesitate to entitle one of their songs as well.


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Example : Ay ombe, just your luck. Typically like oh man, to represent different feelings whether it be joy or sadness or pity.. etc.


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