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Meaning of argentina

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Roberto Carrizo


Country of South America. Its name derives from the word "argentum" (silver). Its capital is the city of Buenos Aires, it has 2 . 780. 400 square km of area, has about 45. 000 . 000 inhabitants and speak Spanish. Famous for tango, mate, gauchos, Maradona, Messi and Italian and Spanish ancestry of much of the population.


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Person born in the gaucho country. Woman born in Argentine territory.


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ARGENTINA: Asteroid number 469, of the series.


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" means plated " or " silver 34, also " clear and bright ". Is of Latin origin, ( " argentum,-i " is " silver " ) and as said 60; b 62; Ines Merino García 60/62 b; It is a name for female and a South American country. The latter takes it the poem 'Conquest of the Río de la Plata, with other events of the kingdoms of the Peru, Tucumán and State of the Brazil and Argentina' ( 1601 ) work of Martin of the Barco Centenera. During the conquest, there was the myth of the silver mines in the territory, and in fact they were found, but further to the North, at Potosi. Similarly, the name became popular with over the years until in 1860 it was officially used.


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Inés Merino García

It is a proper name, and so it goes with the letter in capital letter. It is a woman's name, but mainly, it is one of the most important countries of South America. It is a Republic and the language is Spanish, with its particular accent that is very pleasant to the ear. Among the best-known Argentine characters we found Messi, Maradona, Eva Perón, among others.


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name of woman


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