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Meaning of alegría

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(From happy).

1. f. feeling happy and living that often occur with external signs.

2. f. words, gestures or acts that expresses the joy or happiness.

3. f. irresponsibility, lightness.

4. f. Sesame (? pedaliácea plant).

5. f. seed of this plant.

6. f. Nuégado or gingerbread flavored with sesame.

7. f. Colloq. Person which is cause for joy or jubilation. It is the joy of the House.

8. f. Mar. Opening, light or hollow total of a porta.

9. f. germ. Tavern.

10. f. pl. Joys and public holidays.

11. f. pl. Mode of the Andalusian cante, whose tune is by extreme viva and graciosa.

12. f. pl. Dance of the same tune.

? V.

bone of the joy

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