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Meaning of alcalinidad



alkalinity - refers to the '' contained in a solution of hydrogen ions and is recorded in 39 pH indicator;-


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By titración to the point of turning 40 phenolphthalein; pH 8.3 ) part of alkalinity arbitrarily assigned the whole of the hydroxides and half of the content of bicarbonate in water; often used together with the alkalinity in the turning of the methyl red point. The color shift is given by the following chemical equations: medium-neutral to basic means: H2Fenolftaleína 2 O - do Fenolftaleína2 - 2 H2OIncoloro do basic media RosaDe very basic medium: Fenolftaleína2 - OH - do phenolphthalein ( OH ) 3-Rosa do basic media IncoloroDe neutral medium-or ácido:Fenolftaleína2 - 2 H do H2FenolftaleínaRosa do medium neutral or acid IncoloroDe to half very ácido:H2Fenolftaleína H H3Fenolftaleína colourless does Orange????????


What is the meaning of alcalinidad in the Spanish open dictionary

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