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Meaning of a tomar por culo

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ILKABRO (Madrid, España)

a tomar por culo

In Spain this term is used to ignore the things or downplay, and away to someone on your side violently. Example: "not called me John, a tomar por culo" (not called me John, I don't care). To zoom out to a person or thing in a vulgar manner: ""John vete a tomar por culo already"(John go far away from here not to see you long time)" Synonyms: Porculo nbsp; To fry asparagus nbsp; By culolandia


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Spanish version of the Italian phrase '' Vai a fare in culo '' ( 14y Go to make ( the ) ( ) ass " ). See: Vafangulo.


What is the meaning of a tomar por culo in the Spanish open dictionary

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