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Meaning of pangare9 by Luis Ignacio Salgado - Salta Argentina

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Luis Ignacio Salgado - Salta Argentina


pangare9 is incorrectly written and should be written as " PANGARÉ " being its meaning: meaning Pangare: means Color PAN and is used to call a Bayo horse, Gateado or toasting with tummy and diluted white underarm or Descoloridas included white snout, so-called Mule snout. The word mixed Delcarmen Guarani is form of the Union of the Latin origin Word Castellana bread Panis and two ordinary words of Guaraní origin, language spoken Sudamericana El Litoral Argentino, between the rivers Paraguay, Paraná and pilcomayo and Bermejo province of Salta Argentina, and part of Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay in South America old Río de la Plata. Pangare refers to the colour of the bread and literally it translates: Pan = bread of table in Spanish and GARE is the of DEFORMATION of GUA ETE O GUARETE DEPENDIENDO of LAS variations PHONETICS GUARANI in different tribes and regions that is speaking this language AMERINDIAN. THE WORD " GUA " means the origin of the... And ETE - Means true. that is the Union of the three terms means bread of origin true. And is used to say that the fur of this Color is the true COLOR of origin of bread ( or HOMEMADE BREAD OR TABLE 41. PANGARE HORSE IS IDENTICAL TO THE COLOR OF THE BREAD. WITH areas DISCOLORED due to action of the gene of dilution PANGARE or PANGUARETE = PANGARETE or ( PANGUA which means bread of true origin. ) ( The antonym of Pangare is form by adding the letter " U " GUA or GA GUA 39 equals; U or GA '' U which means false or apocryphal ) BREAD - GUA - tee or PANGARE is equal to bread of true origin is translated into the fur of this Color means horse's true origin Color Pan. ( Antonym is 39 PANGUA; U: which means bread apocryphal or false false Color or similarity with the table bread ). Author: Luis Ignacio Salgado. Salta Argentina.


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