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Meaning of paratroops by LIDIA INÉS.



Anti-paratroop. do do 40? GUAÑACA;?Anti - paratroop )In rural areas is used much when he sacrificed a pig, get many guests, 40 and 41 paratroopers; and among the delicacies which are prepared, is the do roll do forms with long pieces of meat and seasoned very tasty Bacon with spices and Chili, ( spicy )?? in the stock remaining ( is missing after you take the roll ) Onion, flour, toasted wheat, and so this is as a very rich puree, 40 and 41 filler; then gets to roast meat, sausage, chicharrones, which is very little they eat the do guests do because already this satisfied with a dish of rica.?? GUAÑACA DO??


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