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Catalan Open dictionary by Felipe Lorenzo del Río

Felipe Lorenzo del Río

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In plural camperols. Also pages, llaurador, peasant, farmer, farmer, farmers, working the land, which lives off agriculture. In Mycology, wild mushroom, agaricus campestris, mushroom worldwide well known and consumed in almost all Spain when their blades are pinkish. Beware of it when it has not opened as it can be confused with the deadly amanita phalloides.


ETC: It is normal that etc is an abbreviation of " et cetera " which in latin means " and 34 other things; When don't want to continue enumerating a number of things. But trying to be something catalan may be an acronym for the Catalan issue such as DUI, unilateral declaration of independence. Catalan theme that is already bored to all Spaniards. So some say that when the richest in a country you want to wean something fails in the collective soul.


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