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Meaning of ayalaykuna

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The problem with writing Quechua is in finding the Spanish letters that most closely resemble the pronunciation, which ends in very subjective transliterations. I suppose 'ayalaykuna' is a word formed by ayalay, achalay or achallay, which is an "exclamation of amazement or surprise, usually for something pleasant (but not necessarily)", or perhaps Ayalay is for the name of a population in the province of Lucanas (Peru), or perhaps a variant of achachay, which is a "pain from extreme temperatures", although this one seems less likely to me. In any case, it is attached to the suffix -kuna which is interpreted as "much, in quantity, plural-forming". I think then it can be translated as "I'm very surprised!", or "those of the Achalay people", or "it hurts me a lot because of the cold (or the heat)". See k'achachay .


What is the meaning of ayalaykuna in the Quechua open dictionary

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