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Meaning of appaloosa

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Luis Ignacio Salgado .Salta Argentina


APPALOOSA-PAINTED-OR ROLLED. Origin etymological of the term Appaloosa horse mottled or Amanzanado derived from Apple Apple in English language. " " " " Another term related is Silver dapples " " " , which means: Silver = silver and Dapples means with treads or stains in the form of medals or apples or mane and tail white or silver and treads or black Dapple = to Amanzanado or rolled as the term appaloosa .deriva of the APPLE or Apple in Spanish or Spanish word and these terms were translated in English North America but were already used in Spain and Hispanic America to define the same coats of horses rolling stones black clear layers of colors and even in thrushes or tordillos rolled and also in horses, speckled or painted with rounded form of apples on a fur clear spots or vice versa in North America the term appaloosa merged with the term pauluse or Apple and Pauluse equal to the birth of the word English Appaloose, Appaloosa or Appalusa... The term Dapple rolled or amanzanado was merged with pauluse in reference to the horse bred and selected for centuries by Indians Americans " NES Perce " who lived on the banks of the Rio Pauluse or Appaloosa horse amanzanados of the banks of the river Pauluse Dapples or rolled Pauluse ( important clarification today the two related terms used by separate appaloosa to the painted horses, leopards, anca Nevada, extended mantle snowflakes etc.. " " " " " and to not confuse Silver DAPPLES or vehicles 34 stripe; " " " used only for horses Pinto, Palominos, tordillos Ect. having these stains in the form of rings, called stones also paved " " " and not for stripe appaloosa or painted that today are separated and only share the root of the term " " "... ). Author: LUIS IGNACIO SALGADO. SALTA ARGENTINA...


What is the meaning of appaloosa in the Galician open dictionary

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