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Meaning of suan

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In Colombia it is the name of a municipality of the Department of Atlantic. Its full name is Suan of the Trinity . Suan another of the names of a tree in the Family Moraceae. They are also known as spin, rubber or matapalo. Its scientific name is Ficus aurea. Also Suan or Suany is a woman's name that has Hebrew origin (Biblical) and means Divine Face or Face of God.


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It is a be smart, friendly and very skilled. It is a great Communicator, is progressive, cheerful and likes to live life to the fullest. It has short-term goals that usually manages to comply, this constantly in movement, he bored the monotony. It is ideal for business, politics, and all tasks that involve communication.


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My daughter is called Suan, found in a book of the old testament which means God's face. I hope to help expand his dictionary


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