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Meaning of makurki

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makurki comes from the Rune simi - Quechua - quechua. Its meaning is muscle pain caused by excessive physical activity, also pain throughout the body that accompanies a strong viral influenza.


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

It is a word in the Basque language which means with evil, with evil. Perversely, bad, badly, wickedly.


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his translation of the quechua serious muscle pain or muscle contraction


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pedro eduardo achahui chipana

they are produced muscles pains after performing an activity that is not carried out much ( 41 physical overwork;


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pain of muscles throughout the body ejm: get plenty of exercise when not these accustomed, ( I say this because I am suffering that )


What is the meaning of makurki in the Basque open dictionary

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