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Meaning of urbasa by R.j.r.p.p.

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Ur - those, Ba - 40 positivism;BA ) azkoon-Na ( BA ) ar...and Za was a reference to the star-gave (41 ZA; Az-An - (41 ZA;...These UrRiak were the same that great ancient city of UrUk, as well as its gave (41 ZA; Iz-Ta-Ar, in this case with some insignificant variable, (ZA-IZ ) (AZ - Ar ) here is normal - ( AZ )KoOna, ( the good site of the penalty, 40 AR ) IzaLa, ( beside the star 41 penalty; (41 ZA;A, ( the good site of star ) wave (41 ZA;Gutierrez, ( we stuck beside the star ) practically all our onomastics, born of this place, in a right which no one has been able to destroy, because all still registered, more clearly that in the best of the books; but for this specialization is needed other forms of distribution of the work and, in consequence of sedentary lifestyles with wall and exploitative Lord Patriarch...Here too, these living on the door of the penalty, the so-called AteAz-Oz, this same dioZa-star, was copied polytheism, as a tool of the early States, where each Lord laid the divine understanding...Then came the horrible S. " Ex officio " to debug the real truth.


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