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Meaning of unclean

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(, a. [AS. uncl. See Unnot, and Clean.] 1. Not clean; foul; dirty; filthy.
[1913 Webster] 2. Ceremonially impure; needing ritual cleansing.
[1913 Webster] He that toucheth the dead body of any man shall be unclean seven days. Num. xix. 11.
[1913 Webster] 3. Morally impure. \'bdAdultery of the heart, consisting of inordinate and unclean affections.\'b8 Perkins.
[1913 Webster] -- Un*clean"ly, adv. -- Un*clean"ness, n.
[1913 Webster] Unclean animals (Script.), those which the Israelites were forbidden to use for food. -- Unclean spirit (Script.), a wicked spirit; a demon. Mark i. 27.
[1913 Webster]

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