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Meaning of taliban

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Taliban: term of Arabic origin, which does allusion to fanatic pupils of the Islamic thought, which born into Talib&#'s mind, Muhammed&#'s uncle, to who everyone called &#"talib&#" &#(it meaning student&#), because always was studying several Scriptures, into preparing a mixing, very confused that compiled perhaps precepts of Judaism and Christianity, as well as many lies, and it which later received the name of Koran. The talibans are then, fanatic crazies between Islamist muslims, whose principles based on Koran are suggesting the destroying everyone, if it is that they don&#'t believe that the only God it&#'s Allah, and that Muhammed is his prophet. Veterans of the anti-communism had founded a Taliban Move, with an extremist Islamist doctrine, which governed to their country from 1996, till it was overthrown in 2001, but they regrouped from 2004 as an insurgent move in Abganistan.


What is the meaning of taliban in the English open dictionary

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