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Meaning of zurriar

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It would be that person so worked in very hard tasks physically, that at a given moment he can develop more strength than the one who imposes his own physical constitution. . . . Here in my land, southern area of Navarre that meant since today those hard jobs of the primary sector are modernized. The left-handed man disappeared. Surely it comes from left-handed or punished. . . . It is certain that this at the popular level applied to these characters because a bet occurred shortly after the end of the Spanish civil war in which a blacksmith had forged a cultivator that was between 350 and 400 kilograms. . . And it was about getting into the center grabbing it with both hands and getting straight making it lose ground. The implement was heavier than humanly possible, so several young people of the town raised it but there were still more who herniated due to overexertion. . . .


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Variant of zurrar or zurrir ( "shit", "make a bronco sound" ).


What is the meaning of zurriar in the Spanish open dictionary

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