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Meaning of yosa

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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


Yosa is the name of a great master of Haiku (type of Japanese poetry). His full name is Yosa Buson (in Japan, China and the Koreas, is written surname first and then the name). His real name was Taniguchi Buson. Yosa is also the name of some Spanish towns such as Yosa de Sobremonte in Biescas municipality, Huelva province, Aragon and Garcipollera Yosa in the municipality of Jaca, in the same province. The Word as such means down, pending.


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Benjamin Garrido

Llosa is often also call a fruit that not even this fact, is still green and you should not take. . . We say that almond this llosa, is still is still unformed. . . She shell soft, hard shell skin covering it still is tender. . . Curiosity: Past the night of San Juan, said fruit to cease to be or llosa and begin to become fruit, only to grow and ripen our taste.


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YOSA: Farmland land.


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