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Meaning of yacupemba

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It means that it walks slowly or slowly. Which is very calm or peaceful. Who walks slowly. It is one of the common names of a class of turkey in South America. It belongs to the cracidae family. Its scientific name is Penelope superciliaris. It is also called yacupoí. turkey girl, turkey of mount girl. Pavita de monte .


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YACUPEMBA penelope superciliaris, a galliform bird of the family Cracidae spread throughout Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay. Medium and long-tailed turkey, with red jowls and pale legs. It is present in several types of wooded habitats. Some synonyms, words or similar expressions may be turkey girl, turkey andacupemba, ? yacupoí , turkey of monte chica


What is the meaning of yacupemba in the Spanish open dictionary

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