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Meaning of xeneises

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Plural of xeneise . It is the most common nickname and accepted by the fans of the Argentine team Boca Juniors. It means son of Xena in a dialect used in Genoa (Italy), which means that, Genoa. Therefore Xeneise means Genoese. Boquense, fan of Boca Juniors.


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Regardless of whether it wants to be a plural of xeneize ( ?) , there we have some error. From the entry zeneize ("Genoese", "sympathizer of the Argentine football club Boca Junior") you can intuit where the confusion of the /x/ (yes, from the plural) came from, but as it is already used like this, capable that they end up accepting it as an originality that differentiates the Boquense from the Italian gentilicio. Although the plural in English should take the /z/ of the last syllable and convert it to /c/, or leave it only as a /z/. I say , it seems to me .


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