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Meaning of virgilio

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Male name of Latin origin, which means "he who has freshness and greenery". Young and handsome. Name of Roman poet whose full name was Publius Virgil Maron. He was the author among other works of The Aeneid and the Bucolics. Current name of the ancient village of Andes (where the poet Virgil was born) in the Region of Lombardy (Italy) and which belongs to the Province of Mantua.


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1º_ Male name, the most famous character so called was the Roman poet Publius Virgil Maron, born in andes, author of the Aeneid and the Georgics (first century BC). C . ) . 2º_ It is the current name of the ancient Roman village of Andes, in the province of Mantua, region of Lombardy, Italy.


What is the meaning of virgilio in the Spanish open dictionary

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