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Meaning of virgen

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(Of thelat. )( virgo, - inis).

1. com. Person who has not had sex. U t. c. adj.

2. com. Person who retains her chastity, her dedicated to a deity.

3. f. by antonom. Holy Mary, mother of God.

ORTOGR. ESCR. with may. initial.

4. f. image of Mary.

5. f. One of the titles and degrees gives the Catholic Church Holy women who preserved her chastity and purity.

6. f. Each of the two right feet in the presses and oil mills guiding the movement of the beam.

7. adj. said of the Earth: that has not been plowed or planted.

8. adj. said of one thing: it is in his first fortitude and it has failed even to that for which it is intended.

9. adj. pure (? free blend).

trust a Virgin, and does not run.

1. expr. Colloq. Applies to who for being too confident, does not put anything on their part to achieve something.

long live the Virgin Mary.

1. loc. Sust. com. Colloq. vivalavirgen.

? V.





litany of the Virgin


the Virgin zapatito

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