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Meaning of vagar

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(Of thelat.)(it vacare).

1. foreword Time and place have sufficient or necessary to do something.

2. intr. Be idle.

Ver conjugación wander2.


1. foreword Walk by several parties without identification to site or place, or special detention in none.

2. foreword Walking through a site without finding path or you are looking for.

3. foreword One thing saying: go free and loose, or no order and provision should be regularly.


(De vagar1).

1. m. unoccupied time that allows to do something. I don't wander much or that wander.

2. m. slow, pause, serenity.

go in wander someone.

1. loc. verb. Not have what to do, be idle.

de wander.

1. loc. Advisor. Ant. Slowly, slowly.

be of wander someone.

1. loc. verb. walk wander.

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