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Meaning of utilidad pública

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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

utilidad pública

Public utility, means that the property that is being talked about there is or was built for the benefit of all citizens, without distinction of any kind. For example a park in a city, is public utility for anyone who comes to the, can use it without having way that someone prevents it. A forest reserve is also because it oxygenates the city and also protects water sources. Both air and water, are for public use, or that the reserve is public utility.


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Horacio Caporaletti

public utility is improperly written and should be written as " Utility publishes " being its meaning: utility public if separate it private of it public we found with two large fields. There are server public. Policeman, postman, Doctor in a hospital etc. are public servants with the same responsibility to a private one, the police would be a rental vigilador to protect and confined to an area, the postman would be a Messenger who only carries or moves something preset, and the doctor though it never shelved his being in a clinic Hippocratic oath cater to patients who have paid their pre pay. As regards acts of order public differentiate a scribe / actuary that gives faith of an agreement to sign between parts the same agreement the 1 ° to the be endorsed before this is an instrument legal that is may exhibit and demonstrate its likelihood. The 2nd is agreement between the parties that any of it can be ignored and has no value before the law


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