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Meaning of ursulina

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1º_ It is a redeemed version of the name Ursula; the translation -somewhat forced- of the diminutive in Latin added to the diminutive suffix '-ina' would be "ositite, oseznita". 2nd_ Concerning the Order of Saint Ursula ( Ordinis Sanctae Ursulae ) ; woman who belongs to that order or Company (if she is of the secular branch). See suffixes -ino , -ina .


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Name given to a nun of the community of Santa Úrsula. Religious who belongs to the Augustinian congregation that was founded by Saint Angela of Brescia. It is also often referred to as Orsolina. concerning Ursula . It is dedicated to the education or care of the sick.


What is the meaning of ursulina in the Spanish open dictionary

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