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Meaning of tuqui tuqui

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Juan Sebastian Uribe

tuqui tuqui

comes from the English expression "Tricky, tricky you lose!" which literally means "complicated, complicated, you lose"


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Jacanas Jacanas is a popular Colombian expression that means scrubbed, lost, no way, we're going to do. Many times it is said "Jacanas Jacanas Lulu" and is accompanied by a gesture with his hand stretched and pointing to the nape or neck. I am also very agree with the very customary version contributed by Jorge Luis ("the Arrow" or "The Old Deivi" was a full-time loriquero cool).


Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz Image
Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

Tuqui Tuqui or Tuki Tuki, was the name of the bar mentioned in 34 work; The arrow " Colombian writer David Sanchez Juliao. In this fun, according to the work site, Sánchez Juliao met " The arrow " and is in that meeting where this last character narrates the author experiences and anecdotes.


What is the meaning of tuqui tuqui in the Spanish open dictionary

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