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Meaning of tomatina

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It is the name of a poison found in the leaves and fruits of the tomato plant. It is also astringent, antiseptic or fungicidal. In chemistry it is classified as a glycoalkaloid. It is used as a reagent to precipitate cholesterol and as a mouthwash. Name of a patron saint festival that takes place in the Municipality of Buñol, in the Valencian Community. It is celebrated on the last Wednesday of August. Tomatoes are thrown everywhere.


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1º_ La Tomatina is a Valencian celebration, during the patron saint festivities of Buñol (Spain) on the last Wednesday of August. The attendees participate in different games, such as the palo ensebado or cucaña that once reached the top marks the beginning of a "tomato war" where all the attendees throw tomatazos at each other for an hour. This practice is what gives the name to the holiday, and it does not have a certain origin as several myths, anecdotes and traditions are mixed. 2º_ Toxic substance present in tomato stems and leaves. 3º_ Several recipes that contain tomatoes are called 'tomatina'. 4º_ Private party where "you drink" ("alcohol and cocaine are consumed").


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This is the name given to a party in Navarre that consists of throwing tomatoes



tomatine- glycoalkaloid present in tomato, and may have activity against various types of bacteria and fungi.


What is the meaning of tomatina in the Spanish open dictionary

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