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Meaning of toche

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TOCHE: Town of Angola in the province of Cuanza South.


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Jesant García Castro

In San Cristobal state Táchira Venezuela the word toche is used even in soup, here I leave you a few examples : 1 . Replaces the noun nothing : Pure tangles and did not say a toche, did not bring a toche and did not find a toche. Used as an interrogation : What toches did this one say? In a derogatory way : So toche! . With the pronoun who : Who toches do I call? . To belittle something : A party toche. To replace a person : That poor toche. As derogatory and vulgar : What a toche comma. Instead of punching or punching : They gave him to bump. For the lost : Where toches are we? . Instead of asshole : Don't be such a fucking hand. As a synonym for darkness : You don't see a toche. For a liar : This guevon speaks pure touches. For the disbelievers : Don't believe me so toche. For the ignorant : This man does not know a toche. For the little things : That little tochadita? . In gastronomy : What a toche eat! . In times of scarcity : There is no toche to eat. To disguise : Make yourself the toche! . To be located : Where toches is that?. This is an excellent compilation I found in thirteenblog. Com


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Juan Manuel Caro González

Its use in Colombia (region of the Santanderes) is not necessarily to express itself offensively towards another person (gross, asshole, etc. ) . It is also commonly used to affectionately express that this person is something "distracted" and that's why he makes mistakes.


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

In Colombia, it is relative. Toche in Santander and Norte de Santander is an insult or synonymous with raw or awkward, but in the rest of the country is a bird which also said Jay, oriole, oriole, or backpacking. Its scientific name is Icterus chrysater and belongs to the family Icteridae.


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toche is an offense and is too vulgar is a way of saying son of *


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TOCHE: in Colombia, bird that lives in the bushes of chili.


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TOCHE: plant of the jungle that is used as a tonic.


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Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

The word " toche " is very used in the departments of Santander and North of Santander in Colombia. Means: Stupid, clueless. In the same region you assign other synonym: tortolo, Knave, pingo, pisco.


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meaning a little capable of understanding person, a person distracted and abrupt in their way of speaking


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