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Meaning of tacna

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TACNA: City of the United States, in Arizona, and Yuma County.


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Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada

Tacna: ( place of cultivation ). City of the South of peru on the banks of the caplina River in the coastal desert of that country, mineral rich place as lead, silver, salt, copper.


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rolandfo escudero vidal

Totally agree with Mr Vicente Dagnino. The Tacna name is derived from the quechua phrase " takana " or " tacana " that means " place where hit " Did Taca do derives from the verb do tac-cay which means ¿golpear.¿and do na do is an prepositiva expression of indeterminate meaning and in this case means do place where is do.????????This is due to two motivo:primero: Natives put the name to a place according to the characteristics or according to a fact that observe it.Second: The coast of Tacna, according to the map, has curvature that looks to the South. Possibly this curvature has a great Cliff which is hit by waves from the South. This fact coincides perfectly with the quechua phrase stingy do and therefore named Tacna.??


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