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Meaning of tabarnia

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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


tabarnia is incorrectly written and it should be written as Tabarnia ( 41 own name;. being its meaning:
The correct term is Tabarnia. It is the name proposed for a Region of Catalonia, formed by the regions of Tarragona and Barcelona, by the 34 organization; Barcelona is not Catalonia " also called " Platform for the autonomy of Barcelona ".


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Felipe Lorenzo del Río

Tabarnia: Crasis of Tarragona and Barcelona. Term coined by the Barcelona platform is not contrary to the catalan separatism Catalonia to create a new different from Catalonia autonomous region, using the same arguments of the separatists. It would thus divide urban and cosmopolitan rich Constitutionalist majority vote, rural and poor, ( Lleida and Girona ) voting more independence and more taking into account that in the first a Deputy procurement needs of more than 45. 000 votes while that in the latter would only be needed 20. 000 votes. Almost certainly that the joke will not be successful as either the proces


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