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Meaning of sangubiño

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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


It is one of the common names of a shrub's scientific name Frangula alnus (or Rhamnus frangula), of the family Rhamnaceae. It has medicinal uses, especially as a purgative and cholagogue. Also its bark used in tanneries since it possesses strong tannins. It has many other common names of which I relate: Myrtle, Poplar Grove, avellanito, gediondo, ollacarana, tree, rabiacana, ácere and azare.


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Felipe Lorenzo del Río

Sanguino or frangula. A shrub that usually grows on the banks of rivers, flexible wood and purging toxic berries. Its bark has been used for tanning leather. Also say you sangobin, sangobino, sangubino, sangomino, sangrino, sangumin, sangumo, avellanillo, Black Alder, purple honeysuckle, smelly, salguera del Bierzo, sangreda, sangueno, azare and many other names. In my homeland, sanguin.


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