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Meaning of sí

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(Of thelat.)(sibi, dat. ofsui).

1. pron. person. Reflexive form of 3rd person. U in oblique cases of the decline in both genders and numbers, always with preposition. When this is with, reportedly, get it.

of by .

1. loc. Advisor. Separately every thing; alone or in addition to the other.

de .

1. loc

. Advisor. of suyo.

for .

1. loc. Advisor. Mentally or to another address. Applies also this idiom to the pronouns me and you. I said to me. You would say to you. Said to Yes.

por and before .

1. loc. Advisor. By own deliberation and without consulting anyone or tell anyone.

about .

1. loc. Advisor. With care, caution, or (c)


2. loc. Advisor. With integrity and pride.

? V.

thing in

owner of same

Lord of

value in same



Of thelat.(sic).

1. adv. Express statement. U more answering questions.

2. adv. Denotes special claim on what is said or thought ponders an idea. This really is carrying it. That really is good counsel.

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