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Meaning of ra

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1º_ 'Ra' is the chemical symbol of radium. 2nd_ 'Ra' is the main god of Egyptian mythology. 3º_ 'Ra' is the name of a province of the archipelago of the Republic of Fiji. 4º_ 'AR' is an abbreviation for augmented reality. 5º_ 'RA' was an acronym used in Argentina during the 1983 electoral campaign by the UCR ("Radical Civic Union") for its candidate – and later president – Raúl Alfonsín. The advertising game was to highlight the coincidence between his initials and those of the Argentine Republic. 6º_ 'ra!' cry that repeated, usually three times, is used to animate.


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RA: Chemical symbol of the radio.


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RA: Egyptian God of the Sun.


What is the meaning of ra in the Spanish open dictionary

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