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Meaning of quilombo

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When something this messy. Also a brothel. Example: "" Quilombo, that sorts a little "" "The other day I went to the quilombo nailing" " Synonyms: Rejajo nbsp; Disorder nbsp; Brothel nbsp; Antonyms: Order


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Foreign place where the escaped black slaves took refuge.


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Refers to a problem or difficult to resolve hubbub, mess, disorder, free-for-all. In a first meaning it has pointed out that the word is worth as much as a "brothel" Example: "The internal politics of our country is a brothel!" Synonyms: Mess nbsp; Hubbub nbsp; Gresca nbsp; Disorder


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Brothel, and also noise or lack of control. It comes from " kimbundu " that was the name of the villages of Black Freedmen in Brazil that for whites were promiscuous, sordid and scandalous.


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QUILOMBO: In Venezuela, hut in the field.


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Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada

quilombo:1. Community of guerreros.2. Community of esclavos.3. brothel. House of appointments. brothel. lupanar.4. remote place.


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Lio, disaster


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Horseback riding


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