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Meaning of queso

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(Of thelat.)(caseus).

1. m. product obtained by maturation of the curd of milk with characteristics for each of the types according to their origin or method of manufacture.

2. m. Colloq. foot (? of the man).

3. m. Colloq. Ec. Person who is in the midst of a group and get's way's communication.

medium cheese.

1. m. thick Board, po

r common walnut or another hard wood, and semicircular form, which serves to tailors for ironing bottlenecks and flaps of some items of clothing and to lay the curved seams.

cheese ball.

1. m. The Dutch type, which has a spherical shape and Red bark.

cheese of pork.

1. m. food consisting primarily of beef head of pig or boar, minced and pressed in the form of cheese.

cheese of grass.

1. m. It does curdling milk thistle flower or herb on purpose.

cheese in fact sheet.

1. m. Ec. cheese tender in the form of cylinder wrapped in achira leaves.

cheese in portions.

1. m. quesito.

cheese ice cream.

1. m. Compact ice cream made in mold.


heart of Palm.

1. m. C. Rica. Variety of white cheese made in layers.

there is the cheese.

1. expr. Colloq. Ec. Hence the crux.

give it to someone with cheese..

1. loc. verb. Colloq. Cheat him, mocking him.

of two of cheese.

1. loc. a.

DJ. Colloq. its. Of little value or benefit.

? V.

mite of the cheese

ploughman of the cheese

Hat medium cheese

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