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Meaning of político

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politician, ca.

(Of thelat.)Politicus, and this of theg p?t????).

1. belonger adj. relating to the doctrine or policy.

2. adj. belonger or activity on policy.

3. adj. Cortés, urban.

4. adj. Cortés with coldness and reserve, when expected affection.

5. adj. said of a person: involved in the things of the Government and the E business

State. U t. c. s.

6. adj. denotes kinship by affinity. Political father (father-in-law) Brother politician (brother-in-law) Political son (son-in-law) Political daughter (daughter-in-law)

7. f. art, doctrine or opinion regarding the Government of the States.

8. d. activity of those who govern or aspire to govern public affairs.

9. d. activity of the citizen when he takes part in public affairs with his opinion with your vote, or in any other way.

10. f. courtesy and good way of behaving.

11. f. Ar

you or trace that leads a matter or means used to achieve a particular purpose.

12. f. guidelines or guidelines that govern the actions of a person or entity in a matter or particular field.

ostrich policy or policy of the ostrich.

1. f. tactic of ostrich.

? V.

asylum politician

crime politician

right politician

economy policy

geography policy

Chief politician

mother policy

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