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Meaning of piral

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It means relative to the fire or the Pyre (bonfire). Which is golden or red-fire. Which has the appearance of a flame. In biology it is a kind of moth. He lives near the furnaces and is very short-lived. It is also known as Pirocotos, Pirocotas or Piraustas. It is a plague of several crops, but especially grape or vine.


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Common name of the Sparganothis pilleriana, a moth that is plague of the vines. Etimologicamente seems to have a Criptozoológico origin, since Pliny, the old mentioned in his extravagant Natural history to a Cypriot butterfly called Pyralis, name taken from the Greek 960; 965; 961; 945; 955; 955; 953; 962; (Pyrallis "of the color of the Fire"), which flew within the flames of the forge and died if it came out of them.


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