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Meaning of perico

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John Rene Plaut


PERICO fan of Espanyol de Barcelona . Espanyol moved to the Sarriá Stadium, where they played between 1923 and 1997, In the vicinity of that white stadium there were numerous trees in which you could see a lot of birds of parakeets flying over the playing field, from where the nickname was derived to the Espanyolenses.



parakeet-refers to the expression : acantopterigio marine fish, perciform, distributed in the Oceans of the whole world; It is compressed body laterally and reaches one meter in length, its loin, which is almost straight, is green with orange spots, by the belly, silver and its flesh is edible but not highly appreciated-


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In addition to the given definitions, Perico is the name of a Jewish city, northwest of Argentina. It is also a sexual accessory known as a (probably by the asparagus). In some areas it is synonymous with cocaine. And in other gay ones. As hypocoristic is a diminutive of Peter, and Pedrito is a common name for pet parrots.


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

In Colombia, it has several meanings. Coffee in small well. In other regions they say painted or mounted are also scrambled eggs with chopped onions and tomato. It is also a small Parrot, which we also say cascabelito. Nickname of Spanish cyclist, called Pedro "perico" Delgado Robledo.


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PERICO: Large asparagus.


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Humberto José Ramos

Perico: Scrambled eggs with fried dressing.


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